Josh Beckett is Un-Hittable

Josh Beckett threw his first career no hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies Sunday and became the first Dodger to throw a no hitter since Hideo Nomo in 1996. This was the ball clubs 24th no hit performance and the first no hitter of the 2014 season.

Josh Beckett’s reaction after striking out Chase Utley for the final out at Citizens Bank Park to complete his no hit performance Sunday. 

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Happy Mother’s Day

The Dodgers have a rich history and everyone in the organization make up one big (and for the most part) happy family. The public figures in the Dodgers organization are predominately males but you can’t have a family without a mom. For the past 26 years the mother like figure for the Dodgers has been Nancy Bea Hefley. She has been playing smooth relaxing sounds on her organ to 56,000 each game at Chavez Ravine like a mother singing a lullaby to her child right before bedtime. Dodger Stadium is a one of a kind gem and loved by fans all around the world and just like what makes any home special and unique it can be accredited to mom or better known as Nancy Bea to Dodger fans.

Nancy Bea poses with Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp before the home opener in 2011. 

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Can LA Share the Magic?

After the Donald Sterling incident this past week the rumors started flying about who would be the Clippers new owner. Current Dodgers part owner and Former Los Angeles Laker, Magic Johnson, was one of the names being tossed around the rumor mill as to who would buy the team. If Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners were to purchase the Clippers the Donald Sterling saga would come full circle since it all started with Sterling making racist remarks to his girlfriend about a picture she posted with Johnson on Instagram.

Magic Johnson said via twitter he will not attend another Clippers game as long as Donald Sterling is the owner. 

Johnson said that he and his partners would like to purchase the organization of course if the price is right. Johnson also made it clear they are not currently trying to purchase the team because they already have an owner, but who knows how long Sterling will be able to hold that title.

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Saint on the Field

Dodger Stadium is more than just the place where the boys in blue play their home games. Chavez Ravine has also played host to the ’84 Olympic games, the ’09 World Baseball Classic, and in January it’s where the Anaheim Ducks faced off against the Los Angeles Kings in one of the NHL’s outdoor games. Dodger Stadium has also been a venue to countless concerts including these bands and artists: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, U2, and Elton John. To those die-hard Dodger fans that follow their team religiously Dodger stadium is more than just a field it’s a sanctuary. You could say it’s almost church like. On Sept. 17, 1987 Dodger Stadium was just that, Church like.

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Stadium resembled a Catholic Church as the late Pope John Paul II said mass to 63,000. Still till this day it’s the largest crowd Dodger Stadium has hosted for an event.

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What’s a Dodger?

When thinking of a team name, usually you think of names that are intimidating to give your team a mental edge over your opponent. Lots of teams in professional sports are named after fierce animals or have some type of historical or geographical link to their name. There are 30 teams in Major League Baseball and the Dodgers and Yankees are the only two teams without a mascot but we all know what a Yankee is. The Dodgers organization is one of the most iconic in the world of professional sports, yet when someone asks “what’s a Dodger?” a common response is “a baseball player”or “I don’t know”.

A fan in a bear costume starting dancing on top of the visitor’s dugout sparking a rally during last years NLCS.

Lets find out what a Dodger is and where the name originated.

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The Man Who Changed the Game

On this date 67 years ago the Dodgers organization made a controversial decision that will be remembered forever.

It was on this day in 1947 when Jack Roosevelt Robinson, or better known as “Jackie”, broke baseball’s color barrier. Having the courage and mental strength to overcome adversity and perform at the highest level day in and day out is remarkable. The obstacles would only get tougher for Robinson as his rookie year progressed yet he was resilient and refused to quit. Continue reading

More Money, More Problems

Do you remember the good ole days when you used to be able to watch Dodgers games on TV?

I sure do! It seems like its been years since we were able to watch home and road games on TV. Fans like you and I were so accustomed to watching the Dodgers on TV we took it for granted. Here we are more than two weeks in to the 2014 season and only two of the games have been televised for the entire Los Angeles market to see. Before this season, Dodgers games were available on the Fox owned channel Prime Ticket and local television station KCAL-TV Channel 9. As of last January, effective this season the Dodgers signed a new $8.35 billion TV contract with Time Warner Cable for the next 25 years, which means only subribers to Time Warner Cable are able to watch Dodgers games. Time Warner Cable only provides service to 32 percent of the Los Angeles market. So with 68 percent of the LA market blacked out and ticket prices at an all time high fans (who lets not forget pay the players salaries) are getting the short end of the stick. Continue reading