Happy Mother’s Day

The Dodgers have a rich history and everyone in the organization make up one big (and for the most part) happy family. The public figures in the Dodgers organization are predominately males but you can’t have a family without a mom. For the past 26 years the mother like figure for the Dodgers has been Nancy Bea Hefley. She has been playing smooth relaxing sounds on her organ to 56,000 each game at Chavez Ravine like a mother singing a lullaby to her child right before bedtime. Dodger Stadium is a one of a kind gem and loved by fans all around the world and just like what makes any home special and unique it can be accredited to mom or better known as Nancy Bea to Dodger fans.

Embed from Getty Images

Nancy Bea poses with Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp before the home opener in 2011. 

Although we cannot take her out to eat at a upper echelon restaurant this Mother’s Day like we would do for our own mothers; what we can do is continue to appreciate her work not only today but each and every time we visit the ballpark.

Who knows how long she will continue to play during Dodger games since not only is technology taking over at most MLB parks but also she has already considered retiring in 2005 before her role could be cut.

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With that being said lets bring out the pink bats and lets play ball! Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Dodger moms!

-Stephen Acosta

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